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The story of Light In The Attic Records begins, curiously enough, with a motor crash in Madrid, Spain (and a rather bad one at that). Light In The Attic Founder (most of us call him Matt) was but a teenager in the middle of one of those requisites of American post-high school life - the “find yourself” hostel-hop through Europe. The journey usually involves, at the very least, a Eurail pass, a backpack, and a pair of hiking boots. (For the record, Matt swears he has never owned a pair of hiking boots, but I digress.)

This particular sunny day in Madrid, however, was to have lifelong consequences for young Matt Sullivan. Aside from the site of the totaled Fiat (tin cans, they are), something of even greater interest immediately caught Matt’s eye. The unlucky car he had just hit was filled to the brim with records - Stooges, Love, Suicide, MC5 - in other words, REALLY GOOD records. Matt introduced himself to his unwilling-yet-amiable “crash mate”, Iñigo Pastor, who just happened to own the stellar Spanish labels Vampi Soul and Munster Records. The shock of the accident suddenly took a proverbial back seat in the scheme of things as the two immediately began to talk music. Within an afternoon’s time, a transatlantic bond based on the love of music was formed.

Matt immediately ditched his plans for the rest of his European sojourn and soon began camping out at the Vampi/Munster headquarters in Madrid.

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    haha, another intern posting - and i won't stop until i'm the top listener.

    June 2011
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    wouldn't be much of a super-intern if I didn't pimp your page justa little (;-D)

    July 2008
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