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Kindercore Records is an independent record label based in Athens, Georgia, which was founded in 1996 by Ryan Lewis and Daniel Geller to document the emerging music scene in Athens, Georgia.

Their first release was a cassette compilation called “The Treble Revolution”, which sold out in a week. This release was followed by Kindercore’s first vinyl 7” by Kincaid. It currently is the promoter of Roderick, a newly signed artist.

Subsequent 7” singles were released including The Mendoza Line, Masters of the Hemisphere, and others.

Although Kindercore was often called “” by many, the label soon added the hip-hop influenced Kitty Craft to their roster (Kindercore’s first Top 10 record at college radio), along with the alt-country tinged instrumental group, Japancakes. Also coming on board at that time was the restrained and acoustic based band, Vermont, a side project of The Promise Ring.

With these new bands, Kindercore began to gain national attention. The label was approached by Emperor Norton Records who provided financial backing. With this support, Kindercore continued to sign talented artists from around the world, including Britain’s Birdie, Denver’s Dressy Bessy and San Francisco’s Call and Response. In 2000, Spin Magazine named Kindercore the year’s “indie label to watch”.

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  • Erdosain

    Oh, and just now, by reading the wikipedia entry on the label, I found out that it practically exploded and the artists are plastered against the walls, almost every single one of them on a new, different label. What a bummer.

    February 2009
  • Erdosain

    I am amazed by this label, simply blown away. I've been listening, without noticing it, to a lot of bands that put out their material through them: Maserati, The Mercury Program, more recently Kings of Convenience and just today, Japancakes. And they are all fucking amazing. Will sure check the rest of them out. Regarding the name, I find it funny. I take it as a play on the names of genres like "Hardcore", "Emo-core" and such stuff. "Kindercore" feels kind of innocent.

    February 2009
  • FijneWIET

    Hm, I never really thought of 'Kindercore' as a wicked name. For me it stands for 'the child inside' (Kinder=children) :}

    November 2008
  • ohbradlewis

    kindercore is back!!!

    December 2007
  • RedSaint

    Wicked name :p

    October 2007
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