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Everyone in world of Reggae, Dancehall or Dub knows Jet Star - a company synonymous with Reggae for the last 30 years.

Best known for their “Reggae Hits” series on Jet Star Records and their “Pure Lovers” series on Charm Records, the Jet Star stable of labels released thousands of records, showcasing both the famous and the hidden talents of Jamaica’s music community. In the 1980s the label was best known for the ‘Reggae Hits’ compilations and was arguably the UK’s biggest Reggae marketing label during that decade. Jet Star also had some Hip-Hop releases on license from labels such as ‘Tuff City’ towards the late 1980s. They released a series of Jungle and Ragga Jungle records starting in 94-95 that came out on stamped white labels only.

In 2002 Jet Star made history in producing the world’s longest running reggae series entitled ‘Reggae Hits’ which had its first release in 1984 and released over 30 albums. The concept of the Reggae Hits series was born to satisfy demand for the big reggae hit records, which usually come into the U.K. in very limited quantities on the 7-inch vinyl format.

Phoenix Music International Ltd acquired the rights in all of the tracks and publishing previously under Jet Star Music Ltd in 2008 and continues to account to numerous artists under the label. Much of the catalogue is available digitally and an on-going programme of re-releases and re-compiling is making many classic recordings available again digitally for the first time.

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