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This online label was made for one reason, to give away what is and what has always been ripped-off from us. Our music. The way we see it is, If we don’t get paid for our songs, why should Amazon or labels that haven’t paid in years…? We’d rather give it away to those who matter (you) than continue doing what we have been, cooperating. Thanks for your support. Fuck Shit Up.

Jughead’s Revenge

Jughead’s Revenge began in Los Angeles in late 1989 when the members met through mutual bands they knew. Releasing they’re first record Unstuck In Time in 1990 on the self-run and prolifically named Lawsuit Records. Produced by Brett Gurewitz and Donell Cameron. Only 1,000 pressed on 12” vinyl. The line-up at the time was Joe D. vocals, Joey R. first guitar, George Snow second guitar Brian Priess bass and Nenus Givargus drums. In 1992 releasing It’s Lonely At The Bottom on CD and a live 7” Out Of Beer, Out Of Tune And Out Of Control recorded at 924 Gilman St. limited to 500 pressed. To make touring easier , they licensed the catalog to BYO Records for distributing while in the works for 1993’s full-length release Elimination. Also on BYO in the U.S. and on Do It! Records Europe. While mostly doing shows run and promoted by themselves, they were able to provide shows for bands that more commercial promoters wouldn’t book making them one of the last DIY bands in the Los Angeles scene. 1994 brought many changes to the band, and to Punk around the world of which made Jughead’s Revenge dig deeper into the sound that influenced them most.

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