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Inverted Ear Music is a microlabel / musical collective based in France and the UK.

Their projects are ISOKON FLATS, SHAMAN HEADINVADER, NERO MILKSEED, joint project SHUDDERMEN, and collaborative project as CIRCLE OF EARS. From pop to psychedelic, indie to IDM, avant-garde to ambient…arty to farty. Somewhere between noise and music.

Mark Walton and Derek Miles have been collaborating since the early 1980s. Since both moving from Oxford, England, Derek is based in France and Mark now lives in Shropshire, England. During this time, tapes (now sound files) have flown across the English Channel with each either rejecting or rejoicing in the other’s contributions. They record separately in their bedroom studios.

Though musically they have a good deal in common, sharing very wide tastes, Derek could arguably be described as the more experimental of the two, working with free improvisation and noise for its own sake, while Mark unashamedly enjoys pop - viewed through distorted glass - and taking a more structured approach, but often being inspired by Derek’s uncompromising creations. What characterises all their output, whatever style, is intensity.

Over the last few years they have been collaborating with unclejim, Conrad McQueen, Saxomal, Koenigsberg Very Little Orchestra, and Ken Clinger, under the project name Circle of Ears.

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  • buhobuho

    Well thank you :) I really liked Isokon Flats and will proceed to listen to the others now :)

    April 2011
  • lucindalight

    This is fun stuff, looks like you and me are in a similar boat, mine's called Lovely Recovery! I love your twiddly pictures, vaguely like microbes... and your project names. I'll be listening to more soon :)

    October 2009
  • cheeses

    Some interesting stuff here, from what I've heard thus far

    September 2009
  • Foogou

    There, I've started the ball rolling....

    July 2009
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