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Inner Loop Records is a lifestyle based entertainment company focused on providing platforms for musical creativity and strategic musical exposure. Utilizing a grassroots game plan centering on events, email marketing, retail positioning, national and regional music industry relationships and image, Inner Loop Records is both a product, service and a lifestyle. It begins with “The Beatdown,” a monthly musical showcase highlighting the geniuses behind the boards popularly referred to as producers. This event wrangles all urban inspired music aficionados to one central location for a quick bask in self-revelry and closes the lifestyle gap existing in major to medium sized markets.

Based in Washington, DC Inner Loop Records understands lifestyles specifically that of the urban collective mindset. We allude to a state of mind due to the convergence of cultures and cross-pollination that music genres have perfected. Exposed now is a lucrative market that appeals to all consumers of music and music related events. The flux of street wear lifestyle, where style mores associated with hip-hop, punk, skateboarding, gothic and motorcycle culture have bonded creating this unilateral taste bespeaking the target consumer’s worldlier outlook on life.

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