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Illicit (forbidden or disapproved of by society)

The story so far Rory, Kieran, Rob, Chris and Brenton. These are the five elements of the band branching from five different backgrounds, five different pasts, but growing towards the same future. With influences ranging from P.O.D, to incubus, to rage against the machine, these guys are moulding and re-shaping a unique style of metal. They came together after practicing, performing and playing in numbers of different bands since the beginning of college. When the band first started out, conflicts with noise control, audiences and pretty much everyone around them sparked the need to find a name that portrayed the bands feelings about how society perceived their music and iLLiCiT was born.

Meetings with Aaron Culman (a.k.a lizard) saw the band play their first independent show at a local bar, go into the studio to record a three-track demo and open for new Zealand band Stylus. Originally a four piece, the band wanted to expand their sound, a classmate (Rob) would soon become the fifth piece of the iLLiCiT puzzle and the story began. Now the band is nearing the beginning of their amateur career and is pitching their demo to the right people, making an attempt to gain support slots for more New Zealand bands, and are setting themselves up to go hard for 2006.

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