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Hypnotic Dirge Records is an independent non-profit record label and webshop based in Saskatoon, Canada. Our intention and raison d’être is to release quality expressive and eclectic art through aural manifestations. We care not about strict definitions based on genre classifications, but many of our album releases so far could probably fall within the Black Metal and Doom Metal classification though with significant experimental deviations throughout including elements of post-rock, progressive metal, acoustic music, jazz, and trip-hop. As long as the music is genuine, visceral, and has strong musicianship (not necessarily technical proficiency) by real artists then the associated genre is irrelevant.

Though we are based in Saskatoon, our approach is completely international in scope and we have never limited ourselves to any particular geographical area. We have worked with bands and artists across four continents (Just missing South America, Africa, and Antarctica at this point - if any penguins have demos, send ‘em in!) and will continue to do so. We do have some ties to Saskatoon by virtue of living here and there are indeed some great local bands in the area, however there are also great unsigned bands from all over the world and it makes no sense to us to restrict ourselves unnecessarily because of geographical location. In the era that we live in with instant communication to all corners of the planet, there are no major logistic issues with working with bands from anywhere in the world!

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