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Hearpen Records is the label established in 1975 to distribute records by Pere Ubu and related bands.

David Thomas made Hearpen Records to put out Pere Ubu records. The name derives from an anglo-saxon word for harp. The p is a transliteration of the anglo-saxon thorn, a letter that was pronounced th. HEARTHAN (pronounced hay-are-than, rhymes with van) gradually gave way to HEARPEN (pronounced hay-are-pen) as the label’s name. The logo got designed on a day it was HEARTHAN. A rule evolved that, written, the name is Hearpen while integrated into a design it becomes Hearthan. Hearpen is the favored pronunciation in all cases. Confusion was the foundation on which our business grew.

The first eight releases, 1975-1979, were from Pere Ubu, The Girls, Pressler-Morgan, The Mirrrors and 15-60-75. The label was later revived for David Thomas solo projects.

On December 11 2007 hearpen.com went online. It is a web site dedicated to sales of Ubu and Ubu-related audio downloads. Only the best MP3 encoding ratios are used.

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  • amotherscrime

    Remove the fucking default pictures for Pere Ubu. Let the people decide the pics.

    June 2012
  • hearpen

    Episode 5 of Pere Ubu's radio play of "Bring Me The Head of Ubu Roi" is up at http://www.hearpen.com/podcasts, as well as iTunes.

    August 2009
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