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The label called Happy Prince, named after Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale “The Happy Prince”, has been highly impressed by the fact that his work has expressed all of human feeling such as love, pathos, friendship and tragedy. We believe music should be the same. On the basis of that belief we seek for new and universal expression of emotion, focusing on music like indie pop/rock, shoegaze and post rock. A&R by yugo inoue (

If you are interested in my label, please feel free to contact us:

- Discography -

HPPR001 God Is An Astronaut “Far From Refuge” (2007/7/18)
HPPR002 Laura “Radio Swan Is Down” (2007/12/12)
HPPR003 The Bird Ensemble “Migration” (2008/9/17)
HPPR004 Dreamend “The Long Forgotten Friend” (2008/11/5)
HPPR005 Love Dance “Result” (2008/12/3)
HPPR006 God Is An Astronaut “God Is An Astronaut” (2009/1/21)
HPPR007 The Fakes “I Know You Are Smiling Because You Are Asleep” (2009/2/18)
HPPR008 Apple Light “Pockeful Of Rain” (2009/3/18)
HPPR009 Nadja “Numbness” (2009/4/15)
HPPR010 Tomàn “Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear” (2009/5/20)
HPPR011 lily of the valley “my secret garden” (2009/6/17)
HPPR012 Yucatan “Yucatan” (2009/7/15)
HPPR013 fragment. “is your truth carved in the sand?” (2009/8/19)
HPPR014 Yuko “For Times When Ears Are Sore” (2009/9/16)
HPPR015 Eaststrikewest “w o l v v e s” (2009/10/21)
HPPR016 Pocketbooks “Flight Paths” (2009/10/21)
HPPR017 The Bird Ensemble “Evensong” (2009/11/18)
HPPR018 Stafrænn Hákon “Sanitas” (2010/2/17)
HPPR019 Monster Movie “Everyone Is A Ghost” (2010/3/3)
HPPR020 Letting Up Despite Great Faults “Letting Up Despite Great Faults” (2010/4/14)
HPPR021 Astral Social Club “Happy Horse” (2010/5/19)
HPPR022 My Little Airport “Poetics - Something Between Montparnasse and Mongkok” (2010/6/16)
HPPR023 She Sir “Ev’ry Thing In Paris” (2010/7/14)
HPPR024 The Cavalcade “Many Moons” (2010/8/18)
HPPR025 The Bridal Shop “In Fragments” (2010/9/15)
HPPR026 Various Artists “To Call Up The Shades” (2010/10/20)
HPPR027 broken little sister “memories, violet & demons” (2010/11/17)
HPPR028 Moscow Olympics “Cut The World” (2010/12/8)
HPDL001 Various Artists “Happy Gift for The Pop Kids” (2010/12/17)
HPPR029 Le Futur Pompiste “Le Futur Pompiste” (2011/1/19)
HPPR030 lily of the valley “aquatree” (2011/3/16)
HPPR031 Fireflies “Autumn Almanac” (2011/3/16)
HPPR032 Very Truly Yours “Things You Used To Say” (2011/4/20)
HPPR033 Tiny Microphone “Home” (2011/5/18)
HPPR034 Letting Up Despite Great Faults “Paper Crush” (2011/6/15)
HPPR035 my violainé morning / The Next Episode of This World (2011/9/14)
HPPR036 the lights streaming through the sounds / the lights streaming through the sounds (2011/12/21)

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