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Hairy Sloth Records is a avant garde Record Label created in 2008 & run by the Neo-Dada Maximalist Artist: Gar Bailey aka alGARhythm. This lil’ DIY label was originally created to help release the music of it’s founder, but has since grown to become a valuable resource for the propagation of the musical w3rks of a few of his friends, and their collective associates n’ contemporaries from the SouthEastern US. Look for those geographic dimensions of artistic contribution to expand, as does HSR’s catalog. “Tha SLoTH’s” main focus is on releasing quality music and eventually maybe some video. So far the majority of releases have primarily been assorted forms of eccentric electronic music… ala IDM, Electro, House, Ambient, Psychogenic, Glitch, Experimental, Hybrids Of All Of Those, among other formats. But one of HSR’s motto’s regarding art/music is that “The Motivation Is More Valuable than The Medium”. So really the main criteria for a Hairy Sloth release is that, One: Gar’s likes/approves it… and Two, that it’s an earnest, original, and creative piece of music. The instrumentation and/or style really matters little, as long as the music is emotionally or artistically dynamic. It just so happens the most of Hairy Sloth catalog thus far has been more electronic than anything else, but the future is open to all comers and contexts. Hairy Sloth currently offers almost all of it’s releases for Free Digital Download with an option for donation.

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