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Habeas Corpus is a Hip Hop Emcee who was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. There is another band that goes by the same name. Please don’t get the two confused. One Habeas Corpus band is a spanish punk rock band. This Habeas Corpus you came across is purely unadulterated hip hop! Habeas (some call him for short) has been making hip hop music since 8th grade. He has vigurously worked on his craft ever since. He believes any work you put into something is sure to get results. With over 10 years of self inflicted vigorous training in the arts of the emcee and nothing but petty change in return its obvious to see an emcee of this stature doesn’t do it for the wrong reasons. He says “I’d be silly if I didn’t admit I wouldn’t mine seeing financial benefit from my music. At the same time, when the end comes, all we have is what we create from nothing”. Habeas has dedicated almost half his life at 25 to his art and his hard work reflects through the music. Thank you very much for listening and even taking the time and interest to read this passage. Peace.

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