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Grindhead Records is an Australian extreme record label and distribution company based in Sydney, Australia. Set up in 2002, Grindhead Records is dedicated to supporting, releasing and promoting Australian extreme music and up-and-coming international acts.

The label specializes in releasing and distributing a large catalogue of underground death metal, grindcore and gore/grind - featuring a massive range of CDs, vinyl, DVDs , tapes and merchandise from extreme labels from every corner of the world, including releases from Japan, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Finland, South America, France, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Indonesia and Australia to name a few.

2007 saw the establishment of two separate annual Sydney-based mini-festivals: the metal festival Slaughterfest, and the extreme/grind festival East/West Death/Grind Fest, as well as Grindhead’s 20th official release.

This group is for those who wish to support this growing Australian extreme metal label, and for those who wish to keep updated with the latest release news and rumours.

GHR001 Ebolie - Discography
GHR002 Ebolie - Elevation into Disintegration
GHR003 Hailstones Kill 200 - June 19, 1932
GHR004 Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Still Human, Still Humane?
GHR005 Aeturnus Dominion - Semper Tyranis
GHR006 Silovanje - Taste of Death
GHR007 Halo of Knives - Eat God
GHR008 Sordid - Sordid Remains
GHR009 Roadside Burial / Corpsickle - Blood Binge / Unleashed in the Deceased

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