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exit stencil recordings was started as in 2002, as kind of an imprint to hide that fact that the first release…was actually a self-released EP. However, the number of amazing bands in Cleveland at the time—-and the lack of any indie label presence at the time—-quickly meant that Exit Stencil was destined to become a staple of the city. After a few years, and many releases, ESR has moved beyond their original Cleveland confines, and now works with artists from NYC, Columbus, Pittsburgh…but primarily Cleveland!

Though the bands have changed, the goal remains the same: to consistently release music by bands that are seeking to push the proverbial envelope in whatever genre that they’re apart of…but on the whole, we stick to the indie / punk / experimental genre.

We have released records by artists such as the Dreadful Yawns, This Moment in Black History, Roue’, Home & Garden, Mystery of Two, The New Lou Reeds, Blake Miller, Julie Sokolow, and more…

The newest additions to the family are NYC’s “Spanish Prisoners,” and Cleveland’s “Hot Cha Cha.” Look for releases from them in spring / summer 2008, as well as the new full-length from the Dreadful Yawns. and more that we can’t say just yet! (intrigued?)

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