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ExNN – Ex Nihilo Nihil (fit), and ancient Latin proverb, meaning that nothing comes out of nothing.

Three guys and a girl met occasionally, started experimental work playing in a band and remained together for a long time. Who told that there’s nothing more constant than temporary??? Gala (vocals), Balint (guitar), Botzman (bass), and John(drums) seemed to be so very different from each other – a linguist, two engineers and a bachelor)) together is a rather strange company.

One should die laughing when he knows the story of Balint music school. Can you imagine a sixteen-year old fellow sitting at the desktop with kids studying solfeggio? He did it! However, let’s get back to the bio…

It was much fun to watch as the band played with female vocals trying desperately to find male one. Gala was sure that not a man could replace her in ExNN. So it was, however the first record brought some misunderstandings and realization that something was lacking. Gala knew from her very childhood her life would be music. Once being a ten years old child she came to her aunt with a cassette tape-recorder and sang Michael Jackson’s songs. She desperately wished her aunt to become her producer. It’s natural that a ten-year old child wouldn’t be able to understand it was impossible. The whole family had laughed and forgotten the incident. However a decade later Gala’s family got really annoyed - the girl was kin on music and it was likely she would give up a linguist career to play music.

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