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EF may be a lot of things: a moment in life -or several-, a state of mind, an end in itself, an autarky.

During the months of March, April and May 2004 it was a series of concerts, where different bands played, many of them having finally left aside the post-generational melancholy that had originally influenced their lyrics and sound.

Today, August 2004, it develops into a recording label, which aims to promote the culture of my country, Argentina.

It’s born as a personal project, as a result of the DIY principle. In that sense, it is kind of indulging myself; trying, seeing what happens, waiting, enjoying, going crazy. It’s taking a risk.

As much as –sort of a logistic support and display for the indie and/or emergent scene of Buenos Aires- can be considered my band, EF –the label- is like the girl of my dreams: who I wish becomes my partner for ever, even if it takes hard work to minimize errors, because I know that later I’ll be able to enjoy with and because of her. Both initiatives are complementary, and nourish each other permanently.

The idea of the label is to spread the work of emerging artists -whom I consider original, experimental and/or just interesting- by editing their records and, in the future, through allowing for paying Internet downloads. The goal is to promote their musical development, to help them grow, and generate more and better music every time; if possible, I would also like to initiate exchanges with international independent labels.

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