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8 : 16 or 1 : 2 Octave diapason
4 : 6 or 2 : 3 Fifth diapente
9 : 12 or 3 : 4 Fourth diatesseron

Eleusis Records is a digital label located in Athens, GR and specializes in the so-called “night-time” Psychedelic trance sounds Dark ELectronica. At first, Eleusis Records aim was to digitally release special EPs which consist of fresh tunes, rare remixes and collaborations by artists connected to the Helicon Sound System Network , an international electronic music network and record label also located in Athens, GR.

Soon , Eleusis became an autonomous psychedelic zone where sonic shamen from all over the world are gathered , to express their Hearings.

Releases so Far :
Khaos Sektor - Brain Stretch EP
Komfuzius - Full Moon Pisces
Septagram-Olympus(Coming Soon)
N.O.M.-The remixes(Coming Soon)

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