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Originally, the expression Dying Giraffe comes for the Southpark series and later started living its own life on the internet: “this sounds like a dying giraffe”. Which more or less stands for: “I have never heard of this and don’t know what to make of it” This is what we translated to music, since as a label we release new music.

Furthermore, giraffes have long necks. They use it mainly for reaching those juicy and green leaves high in the trees. We stick out our necks for “our” bands and labels by coaching them closely and support them where the promotion and distribution of their music is concerned.

Fortunately, today we can (still) state that the name Dying Giraffe bears no relation to dying or becoming extinct in the literal sense of the word, despite the fact that the music industry is in turmoil and going through uncertain times.

Halfway 2004 Dying Giraffe Recordings was set up. At the time more or less as an online promotion and distribution platform and no more than a hobby, actually.

In 2006 we chose to become professional and to deal with label activities in a serious way. This also meant that we terminated the online promotion and distribution platform as we once started it.

Since that moment we have built up a catalogue of approximately 40 releases (2010). These days we release new tracks and albums on a regular basis under the Dying Giraffe label and numbers are on the increase every year.

Our musical style is mainly focused on alternative rock, indie rock, post-rock and singer-songwriter pop music, but occasional sidesteps to jazz, hiphop and experimental (theatre) music are possible too; our interest is broad and extends to several fields. We just love challenges!

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