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We are a record label dedicated to all things Horror, we are fans of Horror Movies, Sci-Fi movies, and the undead. Horror Punk, Death Rock and Psychobilly is the music that sets are souls on fire, and there is no doubt Halloween is the greatest time of year! We Believe Horror Music( Horror Punk, Horror Rock,Deathrock, Psychobilly,) is all closely connected and is a genre of music that is very unknown and the possibilities are endless, Creativity in world that is bland, imagine if you will a music, that incorperates theatrics into not only the lyrics but the image and live show. As well as a lifestyle. There is no doubt that if you love Horror Movies, or the “Horror” Life style, if you like bands such as: Danzig, Samhain, Kiss, Alice Cooper, The Misfits, The Cramps, Mad Sin, or even newer bands like: AFI, Alkaline Trio,TYpe O Negative, The Horrors and even Gwar. If you love Halloween, then this music is something you will LOVE!! And something you should checkout! Horror Punk in our eye’s is here to stay, we love it. all hail the walking undead!

So What is Horror Music by definition? Horror punk (also known as Horror rock) is a music genre that we beleive was defined by bands like The Misfits, Alice Cooper, The Damned and The Cramps blending horror movie lyrical themes and imagery with musical influences from early punk rock, post-punk, doo-wop, psychobilly and, to a lesser degree, rockabilly. Horror punk bands usually tell tales through their lyrics, which are often related to horror films, black humor, and horror stories or novels. The horror punk genre has a thriving underground following, The fan base has been tied to the resurgence of the closely-related genres, psychobilly and deathrock.

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