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Dirty Devil Entertainment was created in 2009, but not shown to the world until January 2010. Going through multiple owners over a couple of years, Now currently being run by Phr0zen. Dirty Devil is structured like a real label but has more of a family mentality rather than a 100% business outlook. The bond within DDE is very important. All Artists, if they choose to sell their music, get 100% of the profit they make. No Dirty Devil artist is put on a time schedule to release music nor are they molded into some creation the label wants. You are you and are allowed to do the music you want. There is no “one sound” for Dirty Devil Entertainment. If at some point the artist gets picked up by a major label, there are no issues with it. All DDE artists regardless of where they end up carry the Dirty Devil name with pride and will put the name on any and all releases. The possibility of Dirty Devil Entertainment to one day be a full on label is always out there. Who knows what the future brings. Whatever happens, Dirty Devil Entertainment will always be a family. #HORNSHIGH

Artists: Phr0zen, Malice, The Unabomber, Asimilate, Wicked Babydoll

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