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Dead Space is a webzine/label/distribution and it was settled in 2008. In some way, it's maintaining where "Pazin Underground" has stopped, but then again, not in the completely same way. Join: Webzine - as a webzine, Dead Space is publishing mostly themes from punk/hardcore/metal/alternative scene, but also, in that content, it's implementing every kind of un-music reviews, columns, columns about activism, culture happenings etc. Besides, if you're having interest for something to write, feel free to contact us. Label - Dead Space, as a independent label it's working on two ways; as a classic label, and as a NetLabel. We can say that we're not musically restricted, but we prefer hardcore/punk/crust music. So, if you're having a band and looking for label or album promotion, feel free to contact us, maybe we could help you. Distribution - Dead Space distribution is fully inherited from "Pazin Underground" distribution, but now will be more updated with new releases from various music. If you're looking for album know what you're need to do.