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Small London based Record Label that also puts on Gigs all over the UK, books Europe wide Tours and does a podcast radio show.
Acts include Shonen Knife, Wussy, Geoff Farina, Chris Brokaw, American Werewolf Academy, Joel Rl Phelps, Golden Gurls, smallgang, Former Utopia and Lazarus Clamp

D001 Former Utopia x Michael L. Clamp (Lazarus Clamp) 7”
D002 Shonen Knife - Super Group CD SOLD OUT
D003 Chris Brokaw & Geoff Farina - The Angel’s Message To Me CD (US)
D004 Chris Brokaw & Geoff Farina - The Boarder’s Door CD (limited to 400)

D005 Shonen Knife - Free Time CD
D006 smallgang – Trespasses CD
D007 American Werewolf Academy - The Hop / The Kid Stays In The Picture 7”(ltd to 50)
D008 American Werewolf Academy - Everything Is Alright So Far CD
D009 Forgetful Florence - Forgetful Florence (Canada-Digital EP)
D010 Shonen Knife - Osaka Ramones CD
D011 Lazarus Clamp - Such As You Are And Still Not Seeming To Mind (UK-Digital Re-Release)
D012 Lazarus Clamp - The More We Are The Funnier It Is (UK-Digital Re-Release)
D013 Lazarus Clamp - It Ain’t What You Do, It’s What It Does To You (UK-Digital Re-Release)
D014 Lazarus Clamp - Death To Technicians! (UK-Digital Re-Release)
D015 Geoff Farina – The Wishes Of The Dead CD
D016 Shonen Knife - Sweet Christmas (7”) (ltd to 300 &White Vinyl) SOLD OUT
D017 Geoff Farina - Hammer and Spade (Digital Single)
D018 Wussy – Buckeye CD
D019 Shonen Knife - Pop Tune CD
D020 Chris Brokaw – Gamblers Ecstasy CD
D021 Former Utopia – Collapsar CD

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