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Emmo Music (C) (for more info visit is an independent label based in Michigan founded by DJ, Remixer, and Producer DJ Emmo (Emmanuel Kamberov) covering a broad range of music genres: House, Electronica, Progressive, Techno, Trance, Eurodance, Ambient, and Electro. His music can not be put in a box. It can vary from Ambient and Minimal to Tech-House and groovy Electro but it has a distinctive signature that can be described as a fusion between ancient and modern, between East and West. DJ Emmo is greatly influenced by the wealth of the Bulgarian folklore and significant part of his music represents a fusion between Electronica and traditional and modern music from the Balkans and the Mediterranean. The vocal parts can vary from Gregorian and Orthodox Christian chants to Classic and Folk choral singing but it is all blended in a distinctive way with progressive Electronica beats and grooves.

Contact Information:(734).274.1102

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