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Crazy Planet Records is the label of Vic Sadot. He founded and fronted the Delaware based CRAZY PLANET BAND since 1978. He has used C P Productions for certain events and releases as well, which stands for Crazy Planet Productions. The name came from the Crazy Planet newsletter published by younger brother Joe Sadot from 1963 to 1965. The name was used when Vic, Joe, and fiddler Craig Maurer formed Crazy Planet Swampgrass aka C. P. Swampgrass to play at parties at local farm houses. Joe died in 1978 of a sudden anurism. Vic and youngest brother Rob Sadot formed the Crazy Planet Band in 1978 to do original folk, rock, and blues songs. The label name derives from these earlier uses. Crazy Planet is a label in search of support in order to put out Vic’s original songs in a more effectively distributed manner. Vic is a BMI artist and his songs are self-published under the name of Orbian Love Music.

The first release was the 1985 single with Good Time Delaware on the A side and Born To Win on the B side. Colorful artwork was donated by two of Vic’s friends, Mike Schwartz created a humorous cartoon of two bearded young men in a VW van riding along the Delaware shore. Since it was a time of turmoil in Central America and Born To Win is about US military intervention, Debbie Hegedus created a serious scene in which a helicopter lays crashed in flames as two women with rifles on the backs harverst their fields.

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