Alkerdeel - Morinde


9 Jan 2012, 08:46

Alkerdeel - Morinde

No better way to start off the apocalyptical year 2012 than with the unleashing of ALKERDEEL's second full album 'Morinde' upon this world.
After a few successful demo's/EP'S, these Belgians are pushing up the ante. It's clear ALKERDEEL has progressed quite a bit since the release of 'Luizig'. Although the familiar elements are still present - raw sludge/doom infused with filthy black metal - the compositions have matured and gained more depth. The lo-fi approach of the previous albums made room for a more thoughtful recording process, making it sound perhaps more accessible but also allows the sound to reveal all its sluggish nuances. But rest assured, ALKERDEEL remains ALKERDEEL: a mean putrid steamroller that takes no prisoners!

You can pre-order Morinde now. Besides the regular cd and (colored) vinyl version, there is also a diehard edition in a wooden box holding an exclusive clear vinyl, cd, exclusive t-shirt, giant poster, exclusive sew on patch, exclusive button and band pictures, limited to 100 copies. Packages with t-shirt, girly or hooded sweater also available.

Check it out here:

Videoclip for Hessepikn:

Teaser for Morinde:

Winterteens live:

If you're a fan of Darkthrone, Burning Witch, Wolves in the Throne Room, Beherit, Mount Eerie, … this one's right up your alley!


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