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Coffee And Records is an Indie label that was found in Italy, August 2003. Fabian, Lukas and I were all part of the punk rock band Dressy Vagabonds. From the start on we had always had this dream of getting a record deal someday. On the other side we knew how difficult that was, especially when you’re from a small city in Northern Italy and love punk rock music. But as we always worked in a very professional way I had the idea of making my own record label to release my own music and to support other cool bands I liked. I told Fabian and Benni about my plans and they loved the idea. Soon Lukas was part of the plan as well and we needed Tom for all the official stuff. That’s how we got this thing started. First CD was the split album Lots Of Noise including songs of the four best Bolzano punk rock bands, other great records followed.

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