• New Release : Nick Curly

    11 May 2009, 14:41 by cocoonrec
    Artist: Nick Curly
    Title: Pujante / New Town Stranger
    Label: Cocoon Recordings
    Format: 12" Vinyl
    Release date: Mai 2009
    Style: Techno


    A. Pujante
    B. New Town Stranger

    Info English:
    Currently, the releases and remixes of young Mannheim-born Nick Curly are integral parts of the scene. With his imprints Cécille and 8Bit Records he discovered both SIS and Johnny D., and thus shaped the electronic music scene decisively. Nick is also well-known on an international level and tours the world under the motto 'Series', which is at the same time the collective name for his vinyls. Sven Väth is a fan of the high-flyer and invites him not only to make an EP on Cocoon Recordings but also for a performance at the Cocoon night at super club Amnesia in Ibiza. The two exclusive tracks on Pujante / New Town Stranger are showing once again Nick's diversity and his intuition for groove and soul. …
  • New Release : Jacek Sienkiewicz

    11 May 2009, 14:39 by cocoonrec
    Artist: Jacek Sienkiewicz
    Title: All Yours / Connections
    Label: Cocoon Recordings
    Format: 12" Vinyl
    Release date: Mai 2009
    Style: Techno


    A. All Yours
    B. Connections


    This year Jacek Sienkiewicz seems unstoppable. Right after his massive single "Beacon" and the most recent collaboration with Pier Bucci on his own label Recognition, it's time to renew the Frankfurt connection. It's six years already since "Téchnè", the first artist album on Cocoon ever, and Jacek's third album for Sven Väth's imprint is now on the way.
    "All Yours" starts immediately, and after the very first kick it's absolutely clear that we are dealing with some serious modern techno business here. The track is rolling on the wheels of steel, like an almost impossible steampunk machinery, and by the time the strings move in one will recognize an instant classic. …
  • Guy Gerber - Timing *Dec Release*

    10 Dec 2008, 09:52 by cocoonrec

    ARTIST: Guy Gerber

    Artist:Guy Gerber
    Label:Cocoon Recordings
    Format:12" Vinyl
    Release date: December 2008
    Style: Techno


    A. Timing
    B. Guilty Pleasure

    Info Deutsch:
    Guy Gerber, unser Mann für die großen emotionalen Momente auf der Tanzfläche, sorgt mit seiner neuen Maxi auf Cocoon Recordings für vorweihnachtlich leuchtende Augen. Nach Releases für sein eigenes Label Supplement Facts, den Clubhits "Sea Of Sand", "Belly Dancing" und nicht zuletzt seinem Albumdebüt "Late Bloomers" war der in Tel Aviv lebende Gerber auch als relativer Newcomer zu Recht in vielen Bilanzen des vergangenen Jahres ganz vorne zu finden. In 2008 ließ es Gerber zwar bislang etwas ruhiger angehen, aber rechtzeitig zum Finale setzt Gerber mit "Timing" wieder Maßstäbe, was die Verbindung von Harmonie und hedonistischem Ausnahmezustand angeht. …

    21 Dec 2007, 16:38 by cocoonrec

    2007 - what a year!!!

    Starting with Svens World Tour, then came the Freakshow at Amnesia - a very telling name - and finally the third anniversary of CocoonClub in Frankfurt in July. Green & Blue for the fifth time was an unforgettable Sunday in September and the awards we received for Micro and Silk rewarded us for the hard work. Cocoon Recordings had a great year and we will continue spreading Cocoon Events all over the planet!

    It was a fantastic year - You rocked it !!!

    We thank you wholeheartedly!

    cocoon recordings
    Sven Väth
    Guy Gerber
    Pig & Dan
    Dominik Eulberg

    The Sound Of The Eighth Season (Freak)
    Freakshow Cocoon Ibiza Summer Mix by Raresh

    21 Dec 2007, 16:29 by cocoonrec

    Igor Tchkotoua and Dan Duncan are true workaholics. Not only are the two Mallorquinos forming one of the most exciting techno duos of our time and play in the most famous clubs worldwide, they always make it to pop up in the studio to work on their releases on Sonic Society, Wig Records or like in the case of „Deliverance“, the new12“ on Cocoon and deliver one more proof of their competence.

    With a warmly distorted, pressing bass line and the smoky voice we already know from „On to the beat“, „Deliverance“ starts quite cautious but the track becomes more and more complex – Pig & Dan give the DJ a tool that fits the minimal raver like a custom-made suit.

    The B side is again one of those tracks that put a smile on your face. In „Sly Detector“, atmospheric techno sound unites with energetic celebration pleasure, just as we know it from tracks like „After Ibiza“ or „On to the beat“. The rolling hookline which has the necessary splash of acid is…

    21 Dec 2007, 16:27 by cocoonrec

    Joel Mull, another representative of the Swedish techno community, releases his current vision of what is to happen on the dancefloors. It is different from what his fans know from the early days. Together with Cari Lekebusch and Adam Beyer, he dominated loop techno, which was back then known worldwide as 'Sweden-techno'. Just like his schoolmate Adam Beyer in Stereotypes, Mull meanwhile strikes calmer notes – even if he comes across more melodic and harmonic than Beyer last year. With his debut single on Cocoon Harmonautic String, Joel sends us to a journey through the track which is smoothly airy-fairy and thus perfect to dive into the land of dreams after a wild party night. Even when speeding up after a short break with the drums dominating – the track remains harmonic and is designed to dance into the sun in the early morning hours. The B-side appears spacy and melancholic, but again, Mull is able to layer his music so deep and brillant that the basic mood is still vicious with the…

    21 Dec 2007, 16:24 by cocoonrec

    The Italian Lucio Aqulina is another module of the steadily growing Italo Techno phenomenon around protagonists from the likes of Davide Squillace or Renato Figoli. 2007 was the year of breakthrough for the young man from Naples, who released six records on labels like Trapez, Minisketch or Adagio within a short time only. His Cocoon Recordings debut Magic M is a nicely addlebrained Tech House tune with weird acid sounds that catch up with smooth harmonies and even some reverbed dub effects. A real highlight for fans of the works of Luciano or Ricardo Villalobos. My Cube is taking the same line and plays with similar harmonies and melodies, but is slightly more minimal and straight in the beat, and thus reminds of productions of the Italian Eclat crew around Alfa Romero or Scary Grant. Both tracks are strongly following the trend of garnishing minimal Techno and House tunes with musical elements. This is Techno dancefloor alert made presentable the Italian way – and the impressing fact about that is: it really works!

    21 Dec 2007, 16:16 by cocoonrec

    Mr Dominik Eulberg is maybe one of the oddest characters in Techno & House nowadays – but also one of the nicest and most down-to-earth producers within the last years. Like noone else, he combines sound and art research with solid and straight productions, which attract fans from all fields such as Techno, House and even Trance. The young man from the Westerwald alternates between straight-in-your-face humour and and very profound approaches, musically as well as design-wise in word and image, however, his secret seems to be his rootedness.

    Eulberg's productions cannot be described in only a few sentences. Big tunes from the likes of Bionik or his remixes for Geht's Noch? and Mückenschwarm can be found as well as clacking electro tracks and sound research tunes on the Cologne based label Traum, where he is one of the biggest artists now. His forthcoming album on Cocoon seems to be both a finish and new start at the same time, with productions emerging from most various approaches…

    5 Nov 2007, 21:46 by cocoonrec

    Coming this Friday, November 9th is yearly highlight: After a record-breaking 2007 on Ibiza, Sven Väths Mix Series continues on and on ... bring on The Sound Of The 8th Season!

    The Sound of the Eighth Season is not a mix compilation like all others. Even the fact that this series of Mix-CDs is facing its eighth edition now does not show many parallels to other (Techno) compilations.

    Besides the success of the Season series during the last seven years, Cocoon and Cocoon Recordings look back to a highly successful year since the Closing Party of 2006. The eighth season – themed Freakshow – broke all records. Despite a hard beginning with the move to the Privilege exile, Cocoon Ibiza was able to boost both the numbers of visitors and the level of party spirit. Legendary nights, incredible DJ sets and live gigs, an almost unique crowd and a Sven Väth who was in top form during the whole summer. …

    1 Nov 2007, 13:22 by cocoonrec

    The current 12'' by Cocoon is from another versatile Finnish talent. Go grab while it's hot!

    With Tuomas Salmela aka Phonogenic, we welcome one of the most established finnish Techno and House producers, with releases on 2020 Vision, Poker Flat, Moodmusic or F-Com-munications. Salmela's sound has something dark, reminding of the long finnish winters and cold nights. He does not feast in old times or posts the question of oldskool or newskool, but simply has produced something really new, without getting lost in clicks'n'cuts or doing too much sound research. Phonogenic uses sentimental harmonies and stringent direct beats, that don't need complex building arrangements, but come to the point rather quickly and make clear where the journey will take us. Similarly to Guy Gerber, Phonogenic's productions also are somewhere in between Techno and Houseand even use elements of Trance. However, Salmela's productions always make the impression of being well planned and moody.

    The Last Beer On Earth