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13 Jan 2008, 20:55

Sue Ann Harkey
Listen Little Man
Cityzens for Non-Linear Futures

Listen Little Man
by Sue Ann Harkey

Recorded between March - December, 1982 in Seattle,
at: Triangle Studio, Fallout Studio, and my home studio known as APT/ART.
Released as a cassette album on Cityzens for Non-Linear Futures

Side A:

1) Necessitarianism
(produced by Jack Weaver at Triangle Studio)
- Sue Ann Harkey (SAH), kick drum, vocals, guitar, steel drum
- Frankie Sundsten, bass

2) I Should Have
( produced by James Husted at Fallout Studio)
- SAH, guitar, vocals
- James Husted, bass

3) I Trust Everyone...
- SAH, bass, vocals, percussion, violin
- CRI, sax

4) It's Too Late
- SAH, banjo, vocals, drums

5) Illusions Are Real Too
(produced by Jack Weaver at Triangle Studio)
- SAH, drums, vocals, guitars, percussion

6) For Survival
( produced by James Husted at Fallout Studio)
- SAH, vocals
- Bob Jenkins, guitar
- Jeff McGrath, trumpet, tablas

Side B:

7) Listen Little Man
- SAH, guitar, vocals, drums
- Paul Hoskin, bass clarinet

8) Desires...
- SAH, guitar, bass, vocals
- Paul Hoskin, bass clarinet

9) Celibacy
- SAH, bass, 25¢ Sitar, vocals, percussion

10) What Color Is It?
- Psych-Run, vocals
- SAH, percussion, gong-guitar
- Sharon Gannon, slide violin
- Kate Johnston, bass, drums

11) Kind Of Think
- SAH, bass, vocals, 25¢ Sitar, violin


Notes: This was my very first solo cassette album. I had released a couple Live Audio Letter K7's previous. And had performed in a woman's trio called 'Children of Kellogg' (Annie Muloahey-drums, and Frankie Sundsten-bass) which never recorded any music, we only playing live. However Frankie does play bass on one of these tracks which also appeared on THE PUBLIC DOESN'T EXIST COMPILATION, 1982 - Dog Tapes 008. (Frankie moved on to become the amazing and renouned painter that she is today.)

The band was named after the ecological disaster surrounding the Bunker Hill mine in Kellogg, Idaho where high levels of lead were poisoning the 'children of Kellogg'. (Having just Googled it I find there is a current band of the same name opperating today. )

Another track here, ' Illusions are real too' appeared on the Seattle Syndrome 2 LP released in 1983. It was a lively time in Seattle, everyone had branched out and was doing their own thing.

I had been influenced by the writings of Wilhelm Reich, thus the title of the cassette 'Listen Little Man' a title of one of his books which I had made a lyric from. We were all reading the The Situationist International and I was living on Western Ave. in the old yellow houses with Deran' Ugl'y and Psych Run across the hall. Gigging, writing, painting, publishing. Destinations were Left Bank Books and The Dog House, our all night dinner. Living on coffee and cigarettes, becoming vegetarians and frequenting one of the very first Starbucks located in the Pike Place Market. I avoid them now unless I have to use the toilet. Where does all the time go? Into franchises it seems - SAH JAN 08



If instead of narrowing out alternatives, we expanded them, making choice accessible and acceptable for each individual through encouragement and with respect for the freedom of decision, we could begin the equalization of values and the elimination of insecurity in personal and universal realities, by realizing and practicing the process of making reality.

We could learn through exposure to alternatives not to be threatened by our decisions, but to approach our responsibilities with confidence and rid ambition of greed

Self-confidence enables us to create our own realities, it secures us from uniformity and peer pressure. The fear of freedom materializes the social norms through duality, referring to any established set of foreign morals.

Freedom is not a social apparatus, it's nothing that can be conceived alien from your will. It can not be granted or allowed. Freedom is an attitude, an understanding of life's function. A perception of life, which consists of time which is experience.


I Should Of

The ancient past, the ancient future are both seconds away

I would of... I should of... I could of...

The urban nomadic tribe to thrive the tread we theorize

People are not afraid of failure they're afraid of success

I would of... I should of... I could of...

When challenged by a spectacle taking advantage of the spectacle

Suppression of expression

I would of... I should of... I could of...


I Trust Everyone...

I trust everyone until I know I can't

We can only perceive our own perceptions

I'm afraid of their paranoia

Your pretty good at making realities

I know the time by the way it feel


Illusions Are Real Too

(Inspired by Robert Anton Wilson's Schrodinger's cat.)

Illusions are real too.

Money is information.

The universe is created by the participation of it's participants.

Magic is the art of causing change in consciousness by act of will.

The future exists first in imagination, then in will, then in reality.


For Survival

TV commercials create phobias to sell products
Mass-mentality suppresses criticism free from social constraints
Insisting obedience based on conditioning
Sustaining the existing social structure
Making reaction amiable to traditional values

Art is an obsession to form an alternative reality
A world surrounded by an induced operating logic
Rationality derives from response-abilities

Artists incorporate society
Attitudes towards the socio-economic system vary
Depending on the amount of contribution
In support of the functioning politics
Out of necessity
For survival


Listen Little Man
(Quotes from Wilhelm Reich, LLM)

Listen, little man
You are heir to a dreadful past
There's no doubt it belongs to you
Don't run, have the courage to look at yourself
I am afraid of you and your attitude towards the truth
I have ceased to be willing to die for your freedom to be anybody's slave
They don't love you
They despise you, since you despise yourself



Desires that are sincere are easily achieved
Achievement is knowing the need and so believed
Believing is without doubt and there for the meaning
The meaning that we question so often we're confused
Confusion brings on doubt and stops you from what you do



I have to go you see I have me to be
It's not like that for me it's more like envy
Bi-sexuality's a practicality
Mass-mentality or self-morality

It's not a matter of give and take
One plus one must equal one
Desire is want but is want need
Need is necessary but by what means

Love Hallucinations
Manipulation is the distraction from your will caused by will
Love Hallucinations
Celibacy... Jealousy... Sexuality... Monogamy...


It's Too Late

It's too late
There's too much to do
Before it's too late
Look at what got us here in the first place
Look at what we depend on
The system survives on inefficiency
It's too late


Kind Of Think

I think I'm still in love with you, kind of, sorry



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