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Sue Ann Harkey’s been exploring musical-art-entertainment territories (in Seattle, New York, and Britain). Now approaching her 20th year in the genre, she’s put out a CD called Fulcrum on her own label, Cityzens for Non-Linear Futures. As the company name implies, Harkey’s further along the cosmic-ambient side of the soundscaping game. She’s also close to post-jazz improving, at least in this particular recording (which features local avant-music all-stars Lori Goldston, Fred Chalenor, and Tucker Martine).

But, Harkey entices and embraces listeners in a fully-realized alternate aural universe. Some of it’s hypnotic; some of it’s ritualistic; some of it even sounds a tiny bit like early Kraftwerk. But it’s all enveloping and seductive and more life-affirming than any pedestrian new-age stuff could ever be.

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  • christopher_tm


    August 2015
  • sueannharkey

    Thank you for bringing back, in all its glory, the 'free download link'! Super!

    March 2012
  • stingingnettle

    Yes...I raged against their smarmy corporate control (and obvious trolls in their forums trying to confuse anyone who questioned the change)...I still believe it is an attempt to marginalize independent artists in developing local markets, which CBS wishes to exploit around the globe. That seems to fit with their stance on why the changes included the loss of full track on demand for artists using the way you were/are...

    August 2010
  • sueannharkey

    Well they conceded a very small point by bringing back full length track streaming BUT it is well hidden and can only be accessed from the individual 'TRACK' screen by clicking on a link labeled: ' Play direct from Sue Ann Harkey'. I do believe that full length track streaming should be clearly labeled and be available where ever the 30 second preview can be played, which is where ever the track name is listed. Come on, why obscure the functionality you so reluctantly gave back to us poor indies?

    June 2010
  • sueannharkey

    April 12 2010 they turned off full-track streaming. The stats for plays are: 1,455 listeners (3,118 plays). I want to see how they will not change from this day forward because no one can play my full-length tracks on demand, which for me was the whole point. There is no use for now. Very disappointed.

    April 2010
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