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Cave Canem started out in Spring of 2004 as a 4 piece band with an untrained drummer (Michael Funnell) and bassist (Steven Wright), who learnt while playing with two guitarists (Sam Ridgeway and Alasdair Thomson), who had been playing guitar for a short while before to the band. We mainly started off playing feeder covers in practices, and little else.

In early 2005, we decided to become a 6 piece band, who played heavier music, so we acquired a 3rd guitarist (George Frakes) and a singer (Adam Warner), and our musical style changed slightly. Later that year, Adam Warner quit Cave Canem due to artistical differences.

After Adam Warner left, Sam and Alasdair decided to do the vocals. We are now a 5 piece heavy rock / melodic metal band with occasional exceptions. We are writing our own material and are looking to get demos recorded soon.

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