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Blackout! Records was started sometime in 1988 by Bill Wilson and Jim Gibson. The main idea behind the label was to release hardcore other than the trendy youth crew hardcore that was flourishing at the time.

The pair pooled a few thousand bucks saved from part-time jobs and released a compilation called “NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are” in 1989. It featured cuts from Breakdown , Raw Deal , Sheer Terror , Outburst , Life’s Blood , and others. Many people think that compilation symbolized the high point of NYHC, along with Revelation Records’ “The Way It Is” release.

Sometime in early 1990, Jim amicably took his half of the spoils from the compilation and started his own label, Noiseville Records, to concentrate on releases from THE ACTION SWINGERS, DRUNKS WITH GUNS, The Radicts, and more. Blackout! Records continued as a primarily hardcore label and continued to release music from SHEER TERROR, OUTBURST, UPPERCUT, BREAKDOWN, THE ICEMEN, THE BUSINESS, EYE FOR AN EYE and AMERICAN STANDARD.

But things change. As the early ’90s wore on, hardcore turned into something different - more violent than ever before. It escalated to the point where guns were drawn at a KILLING TIME matinee and created a rift in the scene… the more “punk” bands shifted to ABC No Rio while the harder metal/hiphop influence hardcore became the norm.

In response, Blackout! released some music from artists outside of the hardcore scene such as GOD IS MY CO-PILOT (an NYC Queercore band) and OUTCROWD (a DC proto-emo band whose members later joined H20.) The label kept the hardcore flag flying with continued releases from SHEER TERROR and KILLING TIME.

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