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Surviving as an independent record label in the constantly trend-shifting music business for two decades is indeed a remarkable feat, but the Hoboken, NJ-based Bar/None has a lot more to celebrate than just its survival. The label continues to be a vital player on the indie scene, with a current roster featuring such artists as Hotel Lights, Oppenheimer, Starling Electric, Shannon McArdle, and The Slip.

You can say that Bar/None Records has always remained one step ahead of the curve, but the truth is, no one at the label was ever really trying just to anticipate the next big thing. They did A&R the old fashioned way: they listened to music, they fell in love with it, they shared their unique and quirky discoveries with the rest of us. Co-founders Glenn Morrow and Tom Prendergast would probably admit they didn’t go into this back in 1986 with a real business plan, but they did have passion, a certain fearlessness and, we know now, really good musical instincts. Their first joint effort as record company owners was the debut album from They Might Be Giants, which instantly put the label and the band on the indie rock map (as well as on MTV).

That label-establishing, left-field hit set the tone for everything that followed over the next two decades.

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  • Lekkim

    How about fixing the mistake that has seemed to occur, when you guys uploaded tracks for The Gay Parade by Of Montreal. The track titles follows the misprint on the album, which means that some of the songs have the title for the next track. See the shoutbox on for a more thorough desciption of the problem :D

    October 2007
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