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angelika koehlermann: more than just a record label

1999: after more than 50 live performances and 3 albums the austrian indie-revolution “maeuse” decided to quit being a rocknroll band. the two main members and band-founders tex rubinowitz and gerhard potuznik reinvented them selfs as the recordlabel/musical family “angelika koehlermann”.

hear it first on AK: until now (2007) we have released 27 CD albums from artists from all around the world. on angelika koehlermann acts like “electronicat”, “zeebee”, “bunnylake”,”queen of japan”, “anne laplantine” and many more started their musical career.

we are not very business-orientated some might say. its true somehow: we never saw our little label as a job or something. our aim always was and will always be to help people get known a little bit in a small musical universe, help them to carry on doing what they do best, help them to have a record out without going the usual ways maybe.

of course as an artist on our abel you wont earn loads of money, you wont be able to drown in your swimingpool and you wont jet around the world in your private plane - but maybe you will be able to create and publish wonderful music - no matter what genre, no matter if it sells well or not, no matter what trendy dudes might say…

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