ACUARELA singles club


7 Jul 2009, 11:41

Madrid-based Acuarela’s relationship with vinyl has always been rather intermittent. While the beginnings of the label back in 1993 were marked by the debuts on 7” of several Spanish acts such as Sr. Chinarro or a single by Scottish band Bis (“Transmissions in the teen-c tip”), since the mid to late 90s we have barely released anything on that format. Some of our bands as Astrud, Migala, Mus, The Clientele or recently Za have actually released vinyl, but sporadically or for other labels or distributors, and almost always in short runs.

Hence the creation of the Acuarela Singles Club is both a look at the past and a window into the future. Because this is a roster of artists –associated with the label, but not always belonging to its core– enough to keep us busy for a long time; back to our roots, yes, but rejuvenating and planting new seeds.

The runs will be of 1000 copies, with exclusive songs and there will be no CD edition in any case. Among the participants we can mention Darren Hayman, Spain, Chris Brokaw, Tara Jane O'Neil, El Hijo (ex Migala), Nick Castro, Inca Ore, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), The Drift, Bracken, Mount Eerie, Windsor For The Derby, Ben Wetherill, Barzin, or The WoWz.

The first two releases are The Wave Pictures and Agent Ribbons, whose respective 7"s came out on July 1st.
Accepted Submissions
Indiespot, The Wave Pictures, Migala
Pending Submissions
Hefner and co


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