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3358 Records was founded in 2005 by Patrick Anderson, Corey Bickford, Travis Dodge, and Darby Sagala. The purpose of the label since that time has been to promote music from Muskegon, Michigan in any way possible.
The name of the label originates from the physical location where it is based, a house in Muskegon Heights, MI which has belonged to the Sagala family for over 100 years, symbolizing the label’s firm local roots.
Pre-Label era

Before the label began, Anderson and Sagala recorded a demo for their band Cupid Stunt in the basement of the house, which was vacant at the time. Sagala also hosted the first local show there a few months later which included local band Nineveh, who would eventually sign on with the label 3 years later.
The building was in desperate need of repair however, with previous renters leaving holes in the walls, there were holes in the ceiling that revealed the night sky and carpets soaked with animal waste. Sagala decided to move in and fix up the place, and asked fellow music lover and political science junky Travis Dodge to move in as well.
Originally intended as a vehicle for the band Cupid Stunt which Anderson, Bickford and Sagala were a part of (which never released anything), 3358 soon grew beyond that. In the fall of 2005, 3358 started hosting local concerts at various halls around the greater Muskegon area, including Northway Lanes, The Roosevelt Park Community Center, The Downtown Muskegon Eagles, Palmer Hall, The Grand Haven Community Center, and The Grand Haven VFW.

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