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1320 Records (thirteen-twenty) is an independent label founded on the homegrown principles of collaboration, cooperation, and community. This makes us something of a throwback. Like Motown, Blue Note, CTI, and other classic imprints, the artists on our roster are friends and fans. They tour together, produce and mix tracks for one another, and appear on each other’s records—steadfast in the belief that the success of one benefits all. In short, 1320 musicians have each other’s backs.

Loyalty defines our relationship with artists. We don’t specialize in a particular musical style. Instead we seek out acts that we’d want to listen to, and that we’d want to see perform live. Then we give them the creative freedom to do what they do. Be it the gut-punching beatmasters (and label owners) STS9; the soulful MC and multi-instrumentalist Count Bass D, underground hip- hop poets Collective Efforts; or producer/multi-instrumentalist Emancipator, our musicians bring their own artistic vision to the label. We do what we can to help them achieve that vision, while they maintain ultimate control of their careers.

1320 artists are in the game for the long haul, for the right reasons. Take the improvisational DJ duo Sub ID; they’ve been bridging the gap between organic and electronic music for nearly ten years. Lowpro Lounge, the San Francisco DJ and production collective, have been staples on the West Coast scene since 2001. John Hughes, founder of Hefty Records, has been creating music as Bill Ding and Slicker since the 90’s and brings his unique flavor to 1320, as well.

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    are you putting out the great mundane's remix of that spinundrum track? shit is dope, the great mundane is dope, spinundrum is dope, collaboration is perfect mix of light and dark colliding! only 1320 would be up on that cutting edge ish.

    March 2012
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