Henning in Latinoaméria - Diary Part 3 (English only!)


10 Oct 2007, 08:06

Well, here comes the third episode of Team Übersee Records in Latinoamérica! Check our photo section for some pics!

And don't forget - we brought a band over almost simultanously: No Te Va Gustar are touring Europe right now!


Day 5:
The local Band Un Kuartito invites us on a city-trip. We start at a café where you can still sense the spirit of revolution. Nothing has changed here for the last 40 years and even Emiliano’s father has spent his childhood here. We’re probably the only tourists that have set a foot into this joint. We take the Metro (Subte) to their rehearsal room and walk around their neighbourhood. Of course we have to be a bit more careful here than in Montevideo and as we hop on a taxi we see why: a man jumps on a scooter from behind and beats the crap out of the driver... Let’s keep the video camera a bit more hidden from now on.
In the evening we meet with the band at a Sourcecode where Martín plays regularly with some friends. The place is basic. No schnick-schnack only soccer-essentials.
Afterwards we have a couple of beers outside on the street at an Italian takeaway. Again the place is very basic. That's not important. The people are great and we’re just having so much fun. What a difference compared to the evening before.

Day 6:
We decide to take some hours off and go shopping. And that..s all we tell: hours later we have full bags and empty pockets. The prices are almost the same as in Europe and considering the income of the average Argentinean we understand even better how heavy the economical crisis hit the country in 2001.
In the late afternoon we visit the famous cemetery „Ricoletta“ where you find the graves of Evita Peron, several former presidents, politicians, poets and economically important families. It is an amazing place and we understand why there is a saying that it costs less money to live in Bs As than be buried at Ricoletta. The graves are like houses, one next to each other. In away it is a bit scary. You don't even want to think about what this place is like during night.
In the evening we meet up with Andando Descalzo. Stupidity is a bliss so a little misunderstanding puts 2 of us up for 2 dinners that night. The first one in a classical workers restaurant downtown and the second one at the house of Andando. Wow, that’s a grill!! Too bad that we can’t really appreciate it... Sorry guys. They have their rehearsal room in the apartment. The whole band is a family thing. We taste a variety of Argentinean beers and herbs and take another one of the endless „just around the corner“ cab rides early in the morning.

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No Te Va Gustar
Abuela Coca
Un Kuartito
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No te va a Gustar
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