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  • Inamanica さんのアバター
    Page of bands Metal/Rock with female vocalist
  • jewelia13 さんのアバター
    @MachineAnimal - they also got a lot of crap for their "childish" lyrics. :( Here's an excerpt from their wikipedia page: "Villieläin have been criticised for creating music, that does not take itself seriously. They have been described as a cheap Nightwish copy and a "low cost version of Spinal Tap". Petri Klemetti remarked, that although putting fairy tale style lyrics to the sounds of metal is an original idea, it doesn't work because the music is too terrifying for children, but yet too childish for adults, therefore it does not appeal to any specific target audience. The overall mixing of "Julma Satu" (Cruel Fairytale) has been criticised as being "bland, dull, tasteless and colourless", although Aksu Hanttu has been commended for his involvement."
  • Kirill_TOAD さんのアバター
    Kauneimman lauluni simple masterpiece
  • MachineAnimal さんのアバター
    So place #27 on top-40 album charts wasn't enough? Also did they even try to search for another label?
  • mattimek さんのアバター
    + Kauneimman lauluni +
  • Darrco さんのアバター
    sounds very good!!
  • RuthSniezak さんのアバター
    They quitted? O_o What a pity :( AMAZING band, really. Unusual sound and excellent vocals.
  • fransciele さんのアバター
  • xXmagicXmooseXx さんのアバター
    EPIC BAND FOR SURE, so sad they quit [3]
  • WendyDwilliams さんのアバター
    love them so much



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