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  • took a really long time for this band to set in but once they did i really can't see myself ever getting sick of them
  • february, sunlit and ascending, as the little things go <3 <3 <3
  • If anyone would be so kind as to shout at me what you think their very best albums are I'd appreciate it. The only one I've had any experience with is The End of the Ring Wars and I find it hard to sit through for its entirety; I love their raw sound and dynamics but the tracks themselves just seem to blend together and sometimes ramble on for longer than need be, just my opinion.
  • those first two LPs are the pinnacle of emo
  • The reaching ocean walked for days...
  • I haven't heard two conversations in years. I was 17 when i bought it back in 2003. Being 28 now it still sounds as beautiful and fresh as back then, maybe it's just the nostalgia but even though my music taste has changed and grew into more varied styles i'll still put this up there with my life favourites, low level owls are still top but this album reminds me of so many road trips and moments in college.
  • от mineral до fall out boy
  • Hey guys, I love the appleseed cast so I was hoping could take a minute to check out my project cause you might like it too... thanks (ಠ⌣ಠ)
  • p5_ar: Expect 3-5 songs off Illumination Ritual and then the rest should be a pretty good mix.
  • what albums do they play live mostly? i'm seeing them soon.



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