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  • fungi_telepathy さんのアバター
    Great label, celestial music hub ! Also I welcome you to visit - A great place to explore more downtempo ambient soundz...!!
  • found_life さんのアバター
    Hi guys. Winter is coming in cold Russia. // // (Lo-Fi, Electronic, IDM, Ambient, Breakbeat) Reinvolved - Soul-searching - 2014 //
  • rockopa53 さんのアバター
    only 55 shouts, da frag ich mich zum Teufel, was hören sich die peoples nur an ? Miquette und Steve sind kaum zu überhören! Haut in die Tasten !
  • samarkand2004 さんのアバター
    Listening right now The last LP 'out' ; seems to be excellent so far : great to know System 7 is always around AND kicking! (and exploring kinda new grounds too, with that seeems..more detroit/rockish that one, and not bad at all too in that genre so far!).. great! :) [can't say alas the same of a lot of once great 'old' ambient/electronics bands of the same initial area.. but now disappeared or..worst, totally lost..but not S7 apparently..great for S7..survivors in their own ways..nice to see/hear them again so :) ] .
  • trancesend さんのアバター
    Hillage a mainstay in my early development of music appreciation.
  • sls さんのアバター
    I remember using Kid Pix on System 7, cool stuff. As cool as Oregon Trail on the Apple II was, how I did enjoy the days in the System 7 lab and Kid Pix, making the text-to-speech say vulgar things.
  • tekknoveteran さんのアバター
    Steve Hillage was already one of my absolute favorite with Gong and solo when i was a teenager listening rock music. And he's the only famous rock musician who turned to techno/trance :) bravo
  • dankon7goo さんのアバター
    nice one... really awesome...
  • Slaggprodukt さんのアバター
    A live experience would be great! Saw one of their albums at second hand shop....
  • YVELSD さんのアバター
    Live for the first time in Mexico 1999 with Alex Paterson... and now 13 years after..finally again!! Gracias!!! et see ya in France! can't wait!!! :D



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