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  • BenevolentWind さんのアバター
    This is like the morning after a suicide attempt
  • iclous さんのアバター
    best song ever
  • aurelieavalonia さんのアバター
    Julia! genius, thanks
  • The_SchizoidMan さんのアバター
    Absolutely lovely.
  • petross85 さんのアバター
    Ha shit, never noticed the 'Julia' reference before, but yes, that is it
  • ollyh18 さんのアバター
    Faust Arp - Reckoner - House of Cards, probably one of the the best sequences of tracks on any album, ever, beautiful brilliance
  • 4our5ive6ix さんのアバター
    Hmm I hear a little Nick Drake in this, I guess..? Sounds more like Lennon's "Julia" to me. The outro guitar is actually damn near identical to the outro guitar of Kula Shaker's "Hollow Man", which I find pretty hilarious (both great songs tho).
  • Oppressotron さんのアバター
    It's just your awesome, damn near perfect 21st Century update of Eleanor Rigby with the guitar instead of piano.
  • ahundredegrees さんのアバター
    reminds me of nick drake too!
  • OGTL さんのアバター
    nick drake

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