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  • @derangement_bg: that's actually the balance that I like from them. There's the sludge / mathcore side of the band fighting against ambient pieces that makes the music more polarizing and interesting. It's, of course, not for everyone, but it makes it different than listening to ISIS, Converge, Cave-In, or Zozobra.
  • Great music, but these long ass ambient noise sections in their albums piss me off (skipping is your friend). I might get some hate, but I just had to share it. I wonder If someone feels the same, haha. If they were short it would've been cool, but being that long is just too monotonous for me.
  • Unreal sound these guys produce live, amazing set in Chicago last weekend.
  • Crown_Me, расскажи как это слушать?Половину треков составляет тишина в абсолютно рандомных местах.Даже не эмбиент, ни гул, просто по минуте-две блядской тишины
  • "The Ape Of God" LPs are available in Europe at
  • the ape of god is a huge album.
  • New Apes are incredible.
  • must come to uk
  • Lucky west coast fucks [2]
  • Fucking amazing show in Vancouver, Aaron Turner and Nate Newton are legendary



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