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  • Strange that one of these things first is the moist popular song
  • Nick I love you and if I was alive when you were I would have told you so.
  • Mr_Nin has a point.
  • my muse
  • The new biography is also very good.
  • I'm reading Patrick Humphries biography on Nick Drake - Very good read for any kind of fan I think. Seems to go a lot futher than the documentary did
  • also, nick drake rules
  • who is tagging this indie lol
  • yeh, the movie sorta opened me up to elliott smith too, although I already had basement on a hill, i had never listened to him that much untill I heard needle in the hay on the film.
  • Iggy248, so did I! That film has a great soundtrack - the Nico version of These Days is on there too, one of my favourite songs ever. I had heard of him before but I'd never really looked into his music until I saw that film.
  • So very true, icanhaveablast.
  • I actually started listening because of Fly on The Royal Tenenbaums, and icanhaveablast is exactly right dancetoska, also, can you blame an film maker for have a soundtrack that's fitting to the film? should they pick shitty and unfitting music dancetoska?
  • exactly. Don't go about generalizing fanbases, especially for such an amazing artist as Nick. For people to appreciate his work is fine enough, regardless.
  • Everyone gets pissed that the radio and MTV don't actually play 'real' or 'good' music, and then when someone tries to publicize an artist like Nick Drake, the same people get pissed off. And if it weren't for Garden State, you'd be bitching about how underappreciated Drake is, which may be true, but I'm sure at least one long-term, true fan was gained from that move, and that's what counts.
  • Also, why did 43 people feel the need to tag Nick Drake with nick drake?
  • Without the Volkswagen commercial a few years ago, 113 000 of us wouldn't be listening to him.
  • indie? Oo
  • pink moon is the most perfect travel-by-bus-and/or-train-album ever made. it's perfect, the rythm of it is going away somewhere. love it.
  • beautiful stuff.
  • pink pink pink pink lalala... so beautiful :)
  • Brilliant! I just listened to Fruit Tree on my recommendation radio. Just pure acoustic bliss.
  • I can't believe the government lets our kids listen to this....white-man hating, system-overthrowing hip-hop. What a disgrace. Ahhhhh, Nick Drake.
  • Holy shit, this guy is phenominal.
  • jl110...the Fruit Tree box set has been out of print for years, with everything available on other releases i doubt it will be re-issued, but you never know, ebay is selling vinyl copies...and yes, i do have it on CD but, it's definitely not for sale!
  • This is some of the most violent, racially intolerant hip-hop I've ever heard... brilliant!!!
  • Does anyone know if it's possible to buy the Fruit Tree box set (his 3 albums plus Time of No Reply)? I can't find it in print anywhere. I wonder if it's going to be reissued...
  • What else can I say? The best
  • nick drake: trip-hop genius.
  • Tags = very ignorant people who think modern labels can be retrospective. Maybe we should start labelling the real indie pop as be-bop!
  • Nick Drake = Best artist ever. But what's up with the tags? Indie pop? Indie rock? Electronic? Bullcrap.
  • He is the best.
  • Wonderful.
  • hero of real sadness..RIP..We love you :(
  • Nick Drake is magical - he created such beautiful music.
  • nick drake is a personal hero of mine. r.i.p. nick.
  • Rest in peace, Nick.
  • He was a very special person
  • hes good! trust me ;)
  • love, etc.
  • the man


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