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  • <3
  • look at where we are, remember where we started out never gonna be without each others love again
  • Their music puts me in such a good mood.
  • babes
  • "Sad hipsters"? Since when is Hot Chip a "hipster band"?
  • Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • Tutti Frutti remix! God, very good job!
  • Got a spare ticket to see them tonight at Brixton London if anyone is interested?
  • Never cared 'bout new ones, but THE WARNING - the beast of an album (apart from few filler tracks) Too bad only sad hipsters listen to this shit.
  • i am looking for someone to share some hot chip love. they are so popular but none of my friends like them. seriously. let's throw a party loaded with hot chip. anywhere.
  • I'm lovin' the new album. All kinds of catchy
  • I might try and get this new album to grow on me. Positive vibes all around.
  • Damn they were great live at Pitch, glad to see them again next week
  • Heed you now is so beautiful
  • Yep, digging the new album
  • Their glastonbury set looked great on the telly
  • Heavy Pop Review:
  • 'let me be him' live at sonar was simply awesome!
  • On par with Röyksopp in some point.
  • Not mentioned enough when we discuss the best bands of the last 10 years. Every album since the Warning has been excellent, though. One of the best live acts I've seen too.
  • New album is great [2]
  • Digging it.
  • New album is great, especially on vinyl.
  • Like their new album. And two songs [Need you now, Dark night] are totally wow!
  • New album completely solid. Huarache Lights, Need You Now are instantly great. Dark Night and Why Make Sense are epic growers. Everything else in between also really fun.
  • "Dark night" is the best song from the whole album [1]
  • Why Make Sense? title track is one of their best ever songs [4]
  • Anyone getting a real old-school vibe from the first half of WMS? Like, I'm talking pre-Coming on Strong stuff..
  • CD-Review Hot Chip "Why Make Sense?" @
  • Why Make Sense? title track is one of their best ever songs (3)
  • hot chip's new album is a banger. TALK TO EM, HOT CHIP. DEY NOT LISTENIN.
  • Why Make Sense? title track is one of their best ever songs (2)
  • Why Make Sense? title track is one of their best ever songs
  • The album is soooooooooooooo good!!!
  • Why Make Sense? is probably their least ambitious album.
  • Just Great
  • Huarache Lights. MAD excellent. [2]
  • Easy to Get - Third best song from new LP
  • Why make sense? - Second best song from new LP
  • Free synthpop music --- [artist]E-Gens[/artist]
  • Why Make Sense? the song - Is up there with their best.
  • I love the new tracks. I don't think this album will disappoint.
  • album of the year!
  • Need You Now ♥
  • need you know in France
  • So now need you in Poland <3
  • Need You Now best song on the album?
  • new album is nice
  • Maaaaan I thought they were gonna go HARD on this one.


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