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  • injointstereo さんのアバター
    Great groove!
  • tomrud73 さんのアバター
    vocalist sounds too much like Peter Gabrial for my taste. in fact, this song reminds me a lot of Gabrial-era Genesis
  • garv1234 さんのアバター
    Looking forward to seeing them later this month
  • super_swag12 さんのアバター
    not the best but good!
  • Vanmike さんのアバター
    I used to live with a bearded kid who built houses and did a lot of drugs. he LOVED Elbow and would play it all the time and sing it when we went to raves at people's farms. This song is now making me think of being on acid at 5am in the morning with people dancing around me. I need a coffee.
  • JoeGazer さんのアバター
    my fave from these guyz
  • Brodieblue さんのアバター
    in cardiff last year, i cried like a girl it was so beautifull
  • paulkol さんのアバター
    elbow have become a cornerstone in my life great
  • stocktonseadog さんのアバター
  • BRACHNO12 さんのアバター
    9 songs!!!

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