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  • One of the best bands in the world. Fuck your genre labels.
  • The close band is Ne Oblisviscaris
  • I'd be very surprised if some of their stuff wasn't inspired by The Mars Volta.
  • TK's singing is erotic.
  • Heheh.. to be young and ignorant... i feel old now..
  • Какие же классные. Нет вообще песен, которые пропускаешь мимо (как обычно бывает, слушая альбомы понравившихся исполнителей). И не надоедают вообще!
  • Nevermind. I think I know what TK's solo music is in terms of genre. It's closest to being experimental rock. Apparently bands like Radiohead (which I love) have increasingly blended other musical genres such as electronica, jazz, and classical for some of their more experimental rock albums. Makes sense really because I recently found out that TK occasionally uses an acoustic-electric guitar when he plays music. Meaning he's really attempting to push the boundaries of common performance techniques.
  • jessicotomie. Sorry you think that because I wasn't shouting. But if you don't like my comments you are free to ignore them like I do on any type of social media.
  • \/ I'm afraid you've shouted at the wrong place. your explanation should be written in your personal diary. have a good day. cheers.
  • I neither agree or disagree. Sure while I don't really have anything against the label JRock. I understand why it exists. If some wish to use it, well, it is still perfectly reasonable considering nobody can deny Ling Tosite Sigure's music originates from Japan. I mean the lyrics, obviously. Though I have played their music in a classroom and I will tell you this: everyone for a moment wasn't even aware it was being sung in an entirely different language. Sort of had to mention the music was being sung in Japanese to my fellow peers at the time. :) Ha, the power of music. Breaching across those language barriers (though that is not to say any one is trying to globalize their music). Their music is fine the way it is. BTW: Let's not be so harsh. It's important to note that even anime fans are regular people and they definitely have other interests besides anime. That is only one label.
  • Agree!
  • \/this
  • Oh boy, look at the stupidity the anime fanbase has brought to Ling. Jrock is a trivial label, it doesn't describe any characteristics of the music other than it's country of origins. Dir en Grey and Malice Mizer are also considered Jrock, yet they have nothing in common with Ling or each other in terms of music.
  • jessicotomie, wrong thread! but! VI~BES!!
  • vibes!
  • shermachine, tbh I love your points. you should be in every fandom fanwar to shut all the mouths up wwwww
  • CSthereader, cool~ let's unite again then~ "ARE YOU HYPER?"
  • I need 'like' button on lastfm.
  • OK, I agree with your reasoning shermachine and wesurii. I'm sorry if I came across too strong. All I wanted was for TK's solo work to be seen as more than just one genre or Sigure. Though I guess it can only been seen as different to an extent considering, yeah, TK is the creative force behind it. Thanks for your insights. I enjoyed reading them.
  • and wow i just witnessed the moment 5M scrobbles turned into 5.1M scrobbles thanks to the 'debates' we have here..
  • i agree.. Sigure's new songs are pretty much following TK's solo works, especially in I'mperfect.. if not because of Pierre's drumming, Miyoko's vocal, and the absence of piano and violins, then there won't be much different to TK's solo works.. --not that i'm surprised because all music and lyrics in sigure are all written by TK (except for drum patterns which are formulated by Pi himself) and he also did the mixing too so.... yeah. But now 'es or s' is like they are trying to go back to their old works, and so that's why there are some repeated melody or rhythm or drum pattern or -basically- feel.. maybe because TK also realize that there are more sigure fans who like their old hard rock songs than the 'softer' ones...?
  • I think TK's songwriting is very much so that I find it difficult not to compare it to sigure stuff, especially with him being the main creative force behind the band. Don't get me wrong, I think they're certainly different beasts, but to deny any similarities would be a stretch. I'd actually say "sigure pop" is a pretty apt description for his solo work. Perhaps not so much for "flowering", but the songwriting on "Fantastic Magic" is overwhelmingly pop-oriented. As stated before, it sounds like ling, but much more over-the-top and eccentric. I feel like TK would have taken ling in the direction of his solo work, but probably felt that a move like that would have been a bit too self-indulgent and inconsiderate of pierre and miyoko. Ling had been progressively experimenting with their sound after 'inspiration is DEAD' (several songs foreshadowed his solo work), but practically went back to the basics after TK went solo.
  • [Facepalm] jrock is also rock in general. Should i also remind u that anything a little bit harder than pop is rock? Then ofc tk and sigure music is rock. We all get that from the very beginning alr. Lets just stop debating this rn. Well we dont know how many questions he will pick, so there's nothing to lose.. besides, i know someone who alr sent a message with english.. so yeah..
  • [Facepalm] JRock is JRock, You totally missed my point. I guess we should just give it a rest because some of you seem to be dead set on seeing TK's solo music as "Sigure Pop", JPop/Pop, and or Rock/JRock. Which isn't entirely right due to the many present genre fusions. Thus making this side project something that should not be compared to Ling Tosite Sigure's Rock. It's totally different! On a side-note: That's great, Pierre Nakano is taking questions on Twitter. I'll pass considering I get nervous asking questions to those I heavily admire. Besides which I wonder if I would be a bother asking questions in English.
  • Btw, Pierre Nakano is accepting questions via email. Go to his twitter or instagram for more info.. cheers!
  • Hmmh well jrock itself is rock so yeah yeah, you can say it's just rock, or poprock or whatever..
  • [Continued] Which I find strange since music is music. Not that this is the issue on why I want to see TK's music as not only JRock , I merely, wish to note the stylistic choices of which there are many that TK uses. And world rock seems a fitting classification. Not that I like it either since it seems conspicuous. On a final note: jessicotomie. :) I already happen to listen to music other than Ling Tosite Sigure or TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. Before the band's and TK's music I had already been way into JRock and JPop. So don't assume from my profile that is the only music I listen to. That is merely music that I actually have bought in physical CD format because I really love. Oh, and I am person very full of contradictions for your information. Don't you know I'm considered an eccentric.
  • It's alright. I personally do not see anything wrong with JRock, JPop, or anything. From what I understand the music industry in Japan uses J-Pop to distinguish between their domestic released music versus foreign music like say American Rock. The thing is TK's solo music has wider appeal than that to be classified as simply JRock. I mean while I would be ok with classifying Ling Tosite Sigure as JRock due to the minimal diverse music stylings and minimal genre mixings, I am not so okay with believing we should ignore it for his solo work. The thing is while some people are aware of how great musically the Japanese music scene can be. Others are not. Don't just assume everyone especially Americans or the Western world knows about JPop. They do not always. This even has happened with Shakira [Latin America music artist] breaking into the US music industry. Most cultural divides exist. I have had issues with people I know who are surprised about me bringing up JPop/JRock.
  • CSthereader im just gonna simply suggest you to listen to any other jrock bands. their music is complex, beyond 'rock' if I may say, that's why we call it Jrock. and tbh I can't really see your point, because I as I read through all your comments, they are somehow always contradicting
  • I am so agree with Verblichener. Jrock is actually very wide than Rock itself. calling a j-rock band into just Rock because you think it's making it more international and therefore wider is DOWNGRADING their music. you can not say TK or Sigure's music as just rock. because it is more than just that. they are not Linkin Park where you could say directly that it's rock. TK's music in his solo is not just rock. Sigure's music is not just rock. you can call it post-hardcore rock or post-rock if you resist to call it J-rock so much just because you thought the word "J" will make some people underestimate their music.. but as a japanese rock music listener, i know very well it's not an insult. and i agree with wesurii too, eccentric pop-rock might do. you need to listen to a lot of Jrock music other than TK and Sigure to understand this.
  • New Ling Tosite Sigure News-TK, Private Studio's First Undercover Interview | NME Japan:
  • hm, actually, I think I'd describe TK's solo, especially "Fantastic Magic", as really eccentric pop-rock. For that album in particular, it seemed like he wanted to capitalize off the success of "unravel" and create something with a wider appeal that would please new fans (i'm sure he's gained QUITE a few within the last years thanks to the anime tie-ins), as well as cater to the long-time listeners.
  • okay ... you can call it whatever you want, but this statement '' I don't like individuals who are close minded '' is pretty contradictory to everything you say afterwards :D, you are close minded ^^, even if you don´t realise that. You indirectly say that everything else is crap compared to TK :D ''only approach music as JPop or JRock'' . J-rock /Pop is not enough for you ??, well maybe you should expand your horizon , try some other bands and not listen 24/7 to TK.
  • To be honest, I don't like individuals who are close minded and only approach music as JPop or JRock. When music is as great as TK's or anyone's for that matter sometimes it is important to take a look at how influential that music is and give it a name to honor it. Which I am guessing is the whole reason music genres were made in the first place. Do I think I'm being radical here perhaps? Do I care what you think? No. But I do want to make a point in saying if you see TK's solo music as merely J-something and most especially JPop you are obviously missing a lot. And I simply cannot help but [laugh] too.
  • '' World Rock '' :D , you remind me somehow of Alcest Fanboys, who glorify his music a little bit too much ^^. J-post hardcore is enough for me.
  • I'm not quite sure how I'd categorize TK's solo, if I'm honest. I felt like "flowering" was TK completely indulging in his ego - a wonderful, over-the-top voyage into his musical mind. On the other hand, I felt like "Fantastic Magic" was TK's attempt to take that sound and make it more approachable - his take on Jpop if you will.
  • And in other news, everyone, I finally had a moment of clarity, finally, after listening to TK's second solo album Fantastic Magic today. His solo music is world rock. Don't ask me to clarify too deeply because it should be apparent if you actually listen to his music carefully that he has created a new music genre. This is perhaps most noticeable with the use of various musical styles, not to mention the use of the old and contemporary.
  • "es or s" is the first time in 8 years that I haven't been completely enthralled by new ling music. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad release by any means, but for me, TK's songwriting for ling has just become all too stale. I guess I can't blame him, though. The band has come a long way, and it seems like they've finally found a commercial niche for their sound. I can't blame them if they're more set on pushing their current formula than pushing the limits of their music. TK and the gang still gotta eat, afterall, haha.
  • >His solo music is way more original than Ling Tosite Sigure. are you up to some fight? haha.
  • Verblichener, yes, for the most part they only perform in Japan even though they have held some concerts in Taiwan and England. My guess is they (and Sony Music Associated Records) might not know how to gauge interest for a world tour. Yet, from my observations they have a lot of fans in these countries: Japan (they have basically conquered Japan), Russia, the USA, France, Germany, and Spanish speaking countries especially Spain and Mexico.
  • @CSthereader they only perform in Japan? Are there any plans for a world tour or something like that ?
  • Ling Tosite SIgure will be holding performances at the Saitama Super Arena again this coming November 2015. The event is going to be called "Last Party-We are DISCO! ~" and Ling Tosite Sigure will be performing alongside other acts alongside the main act who is 'the telephones'. Ling Tosite Sigure Official Twitter:
  • Verblichener, yeah, I thought es or s was pretty good. I'll of course stay by the band no matter what. I'm not one of those "indie only" music snobs like some. And there is no way I will look into other (new/old) bands that are more raw or undefined. They cannot provide what Ling Tosite Sigure has in the years from their formation and now. If someone doesn't like TK's safe direction now then that is not my worry. I like all aspects of Ling Tosite Sigure. That is my loyalty to them.
  • Typed up stuff but decided to delete it. I'll just say that I certainly hope you are wrong about being "too late", but if the future proves you right, then, well, I'll be glad for you that the band is moving in the direction you like. Mainstream will certainly make the band more accessible, but I hope you don't suggest you know everyone's taste the best by saying stuff like "If anyone is worried about Ling Tosite Sigure's popularity don't be" again.
  • I don´t know about you guys , but '' es or s'' is still pretty decent. If you don´t like his ''safe/ perfect '' direction then you should probably try out some other ''raw'' / undefined bands, instead of whining about it. Right now you guys discuss about taste, which will lead to nowhere :D
  • I am offended that you think just because we share one band like Ling Tosite Sigure we would have similar tastes in music. That's too naive. Music is very individualistic and yes I have read a lot of Kyle Robinson's music reviews and I sort of disagree with some of his remarks but nonetheless I understand his reasoning. Yet it stands: Ling Tosite Sigure=unique, unique Rock music and TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (his solo activities)=new music genre.
  • Not saying that one's taste is better than the other's; given what I can tell from your taste we listen to different genres, and only happen to overlap in Sigure. I look for different music than you; therefore, what we each want from the band is different. While you may be perfectly content with the direction Sigure is going, I'd be lying if I said I have no concerns. To quote Kyle Robinson's review of es or s, "some fans will probably be disappointed that Sigure seems to be more preoccupied with crafting the Perfect Version of their music, rather than pushing off in a different direction."
  • >His solo music is way more original than Ling Tosite Sigure. lolwut. Sigure has a great deal of variety across previous albums, which is clear to anyone who listens to #4 and Inspiration is DEAD and Still a Sigure Virgin? and i'mperfect back-to-back. >es or s sounded actually way more Pop That just indirectly supports my point that Sigure and his solo project are converging. Solo was/is his poppier side; now that Sigure is trending towards pop the two projects are moving closer in music signature. Though given how you think his solo discography is "way more original" than Sigure's, there's little point in further debates with you. Clearly we don't listen to the same music even though we listen to the same band.
  • I see where you are going. Most mainstream Pop is uninspired. Though TK's solo activities is not Sigure Pop. His solo music is way more original than Ling Tosite Sigure. He borrows from Rock, Pop, and Classical or as some I have come across have brought up "Folk". It's more eclectic for certain. Therefore it would never be "Sigure Pop". And I don't know. es or s sounded actually way more Pop than I'mperfect or the past anime singles. Come on, Enigmatic Feeling is a strong, strong Rock song. Nowhere near Pop.
  • Then I'm definitely worried about their popularity. Hate to see another band lose their indie freshness by following the mainstream. If I want Sigure pop, I'd just listen to TK's solo stuff, which I do sometimes. If the two converge... well, that's one less choice for me. On the whole "es or s" is more a continuation of i'mperfect/anime singles than a revisit to #4.


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