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Vo & Gt: TK(Toru Kitajima), Dr: ピエール中野(Masatoshi Nakano), Ba & Vo: 345(Miyoko Nakamura)

男女ツインボーカルから生まれるせつなく冷たいメロディと、鋭く変幻自在な曲展開は唯一無二。 プログレッシブな轟音からなるそのライブパフォーマンスは、冷めた激情を現実の音にする。


2002年  埼玉にて結成。  メンバーチェンジを経て現メンバー、Gt&VoTK (Toru Kitajima)、345 (Miyoko Nakamura)、  ピエール中野 (Masatoshi Nakano)、によるスリーピース。 2004年4月  初の全国ツアーから2種類の自主音源を2000枚以上売り上げ、ハイラインチャートCDR 部門でも1位を獲得。  精力的に全国的なライブ活動を展開する。 2005年11月  バンド自らのレーベルとなる「中野レコーズ」よりファーストフルアルバム「♯4」をリリース。 2006年1月  レコ発ツアーのファイナルでの初ワンマンライブを満員の池袋手刀にて開催。 2006年4月  「3454123TOUR2006」と題して全国13か所のツアーを行う。 2006年7月  ミニアルバム「Feeling your UFO」をリリース。  8月1日からは全国ツアー「EXOTIC SUMMER FEELING 2006」、  年末には東名阪ワンマンツアー「ペガサス」(新宿ロフト含む全会場ソールドアウト)を成功させた。 2006年12月  COUNTDOWN JAPAN 06/07に出演 2007年3月  2度目の東名阪ワンマンツアー「My name is DEAD」を行い、渋谷クアトロ、  十三ファンダンゴでの公演がSOLD OUTとなる… もっと読む





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  • One of the best bands in the world. Fuck your genre labels.
  • The close band is Ne Oblisviscaris
  • I'd be very surprised if some of their stuff wasn't inspired by The Mars Volta.
  • TK's singing is erotic.
  • Heheh.. to be young and ignorant... i feel old now..
  • Какие же классные. Нет вообще песен, которые пропускаешь мимо (как обычно бывает, слушая альбомы понравившихся исполнителей). И не надоедают вообще!
  • Nevermind. I think I know what TK's solo music is in terms of genre. It's closest to being experimental rock. Apparently bands like Radiohead (which I love) have increasingly blended other musical genres such as electronica, jazz, and classical for some of their more experimental rock albums. Makes sense really because I recently found out that TK occasionally uses an acoustic-electric guitar when he plays music. Meaning he's really attempting to push the boundaries of common performance techniques.
  • jessicotomie. Sorry you think that because I wasn't shouting. But if you don't like my comments you are free to ignore them like I do on any type of social media.
  • \/ I'm afraid you've shouted at the wrong place. your explanation should be written in your personal diary. have a good day. cheers.
  • I neither agree or disagree. Sure while I don't really have anything against the label JRock. I understand why it exists. If some wish to use it, well, it is still perfectly reasonable considering nobody can deny Ling Tosite Sigure's music originates from Japan. I mean the lyrics, obviously. Though I have played their music in a classroom and I will tell you this: everyone for a moment wasn't even aware it was being sung in an entirely different language. Sort of had to mention the music was being sung in Japanese to my fellow peers at the time. :) Ha, the power of music. Breaching across those language barriers (though that is not to say any one is trying to globalize their music). Their music is fine the way it is. BTW: Let's not be so harsh. It's important to note that even anime fans are regular people and they definitely have other interests besides anime. That is only one label.



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