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作成日: 2010年 08月 31日
Occasionally promoting underground metal/experimental gigs in the SW England/South Wales area and further afield.

bcp17 Expo '70, Ancient Ocean , Finglebone at The Cube on 24.9.12

bcp16 Ides Of Gemini, Undersmile, Alunah, Death Of orion at The Croft on 21.9.12

bcp15 The Cosmic Dead, Thorun, Death Of Orion at The Croft on 14.8.12

bcp14 The Cosmic Dead, Thorun, Death Of Orion at Hobos, Bridgend on 13.8.12

bcp 13 Kylesa, HARK, Death Of Orion at The Fleece on 6.8.12

bcp 12 Wodensthrone, A Forest Of Stars, Acolyte, Fever Sea at The Croft on 3.8.12

bcp11 Walk Through Fire, Dead Existence, Death Of Orion at The Croft on 2.6.12

bcp10 Conan, Serpent Venom, Grimpen Mire, Pohl at The Croft on 25.3.12

bcp09 Altar of Plagues, The Wounded Kings, Pombagira, Thorun, Rosicrucian, Bear-Man at the Croft on 3.12.11

bcp08 (with Lesson No.1) Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, Bear-Man at Hobos, Bridgend on 14.11.11

bcp07 (with Ouroboners) Slabdragger, Sons Of The Sand, Sonance at The Croft (front bar) on 9.11.11

bcp06 Monarch!, Reigns, At The Heart Of It All at The Croft (front bar) on 27.10.11

bcp05 YOB, Dark Castle, Kongh at The Croft on 14.10.11

bcp04 Ufomammut, MoRkObOt, Merrick at The Croft on 3.10.11

bcp03 Hey Colossus, Merrick, Rings Around Saturn at The Louisiana on 10.7.11

bcp02 Lento, Terminal Sound System, Merrick at The Attic on 16.4.11

bcp01 Ufomammut, Pet Slimmers of the Year, Big Naturals at The Croft on 12.10.10





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