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With a mission to help readers discover new metal music, has been faithfully serving mainstream and underground metal news for over six years. In addition to comprehensive news...

This group is dedicated to readers and members of We will be doing more here and integrating more with on in the future.

Please note that this group's "playlist" (top tracks and top artists) is an aggregate of what everyone in the group is playing with only the bands played counted, not the number of songs. As a result, the more mainstream ones tend to rise to the top, although I've been pleasantly surprised by some top 10 entries once in a while.

If you look through all the stuff that's played, there are quite a number of underground bands being played by various members. But in order for them to make the "top" playlists, they'd have to be played by 10 or more members in the same time period at least, which is not likely for real underground bands.

For the mathematically/statistically challenged, here's an illustrative example:

10 members all listen to 20 extremely underground bands each (that's 200 underground bands total), none of them overlapping. 5 of the members also played a song or two by Metallica, 4 listened to Slayer, and 3 listened to Opeth. Guess who the top 3 bands in the charts are then. Now get yourself a cookie and be happy you didn't post an ignorant comment about how there are no underground bands in our top artists list.

To discover new bands, check out our member profiles and find someone whose tastes match yours and see what they are playing. also tends to send you recommendations based on what you play.

Final Note: We're not accepting "journal" entries from members outside of the admins. This place starts looking like MySpace with all the press releases and self-promotional stuff. If you have something newsworthy, please submit it to here:






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