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  • Some people just dont read great tagged artist btw :D
  • Listen to Tron soundtrack or Giorgio by Moroder.
  • daft punk is orchestral? jajaja shit
  • As someone before said, Daft Punk did orchestral soundtrack to TRON, just check for example
  • I see that mainly soundtrack authors in this list. It's sad if nowadays people only in this format listen to orchestral music.
  • Daft punk did the tron soundtrack. They had access to an orchestra for some of the songs which makes some of the songs orchestral.
  • Daft Punk crap? Are you fucking insane? Daft Punk is aweome. Not orchestral but awesome
  • Daft Punk? What the fuckingly fucking fuck? [3] Even though I'm a fan myself I fail to see what are they doing on this tag... maybe just bunch of trolls.
  • Hi. Your song for the month of April is "Happy times". You can hear "Happy times" at"Filo"+Phillips
  • Daft Punk? What the fuckingly fucking fuck? Who placed this crap here? [2]

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